People talk about us all the time!

Here is what some of them are saying.

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What students say

I really enjoyed how things were explained to me. I thought it was going to be really difficult and complicated but the trainer answered all my questions and I left excited to use my new skill

Dee, Homecare carer

Best training I have been on. I was able to send in some questions after the training which I hadnt thought of and they were answered quickly.

Stacy, Nursing Assistant

What the people who make the booking say

Selina helped me with training at short notice. The start times were changed so that my staff could finish the morning commitments and arrive at training on time. Big THANK YOU!

Margaret, Care co-ordinator

We had training on the weekend because was better for our staff and clients. This made things so much easier for us.

Dave, Homecare Manager

What trainers say

I have always found Selina a great help with the detail she puts in her emails to me. I always get my forms returned promptly and payment is usually made sooner than agreed.

Jessica, Paramedic

I have had regular and enjoyable projects with The Care Training Company. I would recommend to other clinical trainers.

Kev, Peadiatric Nurse

What the professionals say

A huge gap in knowledge and competency has been identified by The Care Training Company and to offer this training for free is something very different.


I have always found the training received by staff to be very hands on with lots of opportunity to use equipment.

Dr M Flowers, Nursing Home Owner

What people who have made a complaint say

To be updated if we receive a complaint.

Jenna Lloyd, Owner

To be updated if we receive a complaint.

Jenna Lloyd, Owner

What we say

Being involved with the VOED campaign is a massive achievement. We are focussed on investing back into health and social care to make improvements.

Jenna, Owner

As part of The Care Training Company I have found myself in a really supportive and exciting environment. I love helping customers and it is great to be encouraged to always put the customer first.

Selina, Administrator