Individual Training

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We know that training can be difficult and expensive to find for individuals. We have a variety of options that may suit your needs and budget.

We are always happy to hear solutions too if you have an idea that could make training more accesible.

Training in your area

Click here to find out what public courses are in your area
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One to one training

Sometimes training is urgent. This may not always be a cost effective method but sometimes needs must. Click Training in your area and Train the Trainer courses to see what is available for individuals. If not get in touch if you need a one to one training session.
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Blended Learning

We are working on our portfolio of blended learning subjects. Blended learning offers students flexibility and different ways of assessments to support learning and development.
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Train the Trainer

We have a selection of courses which are between 1-3 days. These course can help with professional development to reducing external provider training costs.
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Elearning is a cost effective option for training. It offers flexibility for staff working shifts so it interrupts less with rotas and commitments.
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Distance Learning

Distance learning is an excellent option for busy people like you who need flexibility and love to get your teeth stick into a subject. This self study option is at your own pace and support is ongoing.
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Video learning (VLearning) replicates as close as possible the classroom environment for people who can’t attend face to face training.
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