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How many staff can attend training?

This depends on the course. As a general rule of thumb if there is no or little practical then 15 staff members can attend. If there is a strong focus on practical then we ask that no more than 12 staff attend.

We are flexible on duration of courses so can discuss adding in additional time where possible to accommodate additional staff.


How long a certificates valid for?

Certificates issued by The Care Training Company are valid for a year however some for example first aid certificates are valid for up to 3 years.


Will it be a nurse with subject experience who carries out the training?

Absolutely!!! We would not send someone out to simply read from a presentation slide. There is a substantial difference from talking to training and we want to facilitate learning for your staff not to perform death by powerpoint.


Can you come to our training room?

Yes. This is not a problem and there is no additional cost for this. Our trainers will come to you at your place of work or let us know if you have booked a different venue.


Training seems expensive. How can I reduce the costs?

We only have trained and experienced nurses carry out our training and invest heavily on equipment.

Training is an investment in your company and staff. Patient safety is paramount and training is required in order to meet care needs. Additional training can improve staff morale and improve job satisfaction. You can increase income by having specialist trained staff.

In order to share the costs we recommend that our customers network with other local care homes, agencies etc. Some areas charge staff for attending or offer the courses to the public.

If you do not have a training room then maybe a village hall is cheaper than a hotel training room. Networking with larger care homes may be an option by using the equipment and training room but offering places to their staff for free.


How can I pay for training?

We have many methods of payment to make this as easy as possible for our customers. Examples of methods of payment are: You can pay easily on our website, paypal, we can send you a payment link via email, you can pay over the phone, we can send an invoice.


I have a question that isn’t listed where can I find the answer?

No problem. We are more than happy to help. Please go onto our contact page  where you will find our contact information.

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