Epilepsy Training – Why You Should Train Your Workforce

//Epilepsy Training – Why You Should Train Your Workforce

Epilepsy Training – Why You Should Train Your Workforce

At the Care Training Company, our epilepsy medication training course is ideal for a diverse range of workforces. Although it’s especially valuable for medical personnel or carers who are responsible for looking after epileptic individuals, any workforce can benefit from our training.

People who suffer from epilepsy can work in many fields, so the training we provide will always be valuable. If you work within the healthcare industry, it may be hugely beneficial, even if you don’t work in an active care role.

The Benefits of Training Your Work Force

There are many benefits to training your workforce, especially those in the healthcare industry. Our training will not only help ensure your workforce has an up to date knowledge of epilepsy, but it will also ensure that the individuals involved know exactly what to do in an emergency.

Statistics indicate some 600,000 people in the UK alone suffer from epilepsy. That means 1 in every 103 people will have some form of epilepsy, and unlike some other conditions, epilepsy doesn’t just affect certain age groups.

Anyone can develop epilepsy at any stage of their life and while younger people who have epilepsy below the age of twenty can find themselves free of the condition as they mature, this isn’t always the case.

Our training will teach your workforce the correct way to help anyone suffering from an epileptic seizure, and it will educate them about epilepsy itself. While the figures show that epilepsy is much more common than many people realise, it’s a condition that a lot of people still have many misconceptions about.

Educating Your Workforce

It is important to educate your workforce about epilepsy, especially if they are working within the healthcare industry. Notice earlier how I described epilepsy as a condition and not an illness? Many people mistakenly believe epilepsy to be an illness when it is, in fact, a neurological condition.

People who have epilepsy are protected by the Equality Act in the UK, yet still suffer from discrimination every day. So, even if your workforce doesn’t work within the healthcare industry, they will still benefit from the enlightening and educating experience our training offers.

Our epilepsy medication training course takes 3.5 (or 4.5 hours if you require extra training for CPR). It’s a fast and effective way to teach any workforce, healthcare or otherwise, everything they need to know about epilepsy.

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