Blended Learning

About Blended Learning

Blended Learning courses have information for the learner, video demonstrations of the skill, an assessment and then a downloadable competency pack which can be used within the workplace.

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  • Catheterisation Training - Male, Female and Suprapubic
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  • Tracheostomy Care Training
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  • Venepuncture
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  • Verification of Expected Death
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Advantages of Blended Learning

The is both a cost and a time saving when using blended learning.

  • Less time is spent on arranging and rearranging rotas to cover staff in training.
  • Staff are able to complete training in their own time.
  • Lower costs than face to face training
  • Less agency staff required to cover staff in training so the needs of the business are met and there remains a continuity of care.
  • More staff are able to keep up to date as they can complete training around their own shift pattern.
  • Usually takes less time than face to face so if you pay staff to complete training this cost may be reduced.
  • Competency forms which can be used and save time on producing your own.
  • Same high standard of face to face training and consistency in video demonstrations.
  • Helps learners to take in the information at their own speed.

Cost of Blended Learning – Individual

We currently have an introductory offer of:

£15 per individual course booked or £60 for all 5 courses.

Cost of Blended Learning – Company


Please get in touch with one of our helpful team to discuss the size and needs of your business and we will ensure the most cost effective solution.

Blended Learning Courses Available


We currently have:

What Blended Learning Courses would benefit your business?

We currently have 5 clinical courses available. Get in touch if you have a training need which would benefit from blended learning.

What our customers say about Blended Learning


Staff found the video demonstrations a huge benefit and helped to myth bust some out of date practices.

The competency pack helped to maintain consistency within our care group.